Drama for Life Lover + Another Poetry Challenge 2013

Lover plus Another

Drama for Life Lover + Another Poetry Challenge 2013 – Artist Brief

The theme of this year’s challenge is Man.Woman.Any[Queer]ies?

Poets are invited to submit up to TWO poems exploring the above theme, gender, sexuality and sexual preferences. What does society define as the perfect man or woman? What happens when we don’t fit into these neatly defined boxes? What happens when who we love, who we are, who we see ourselves as and who society thinks we are falls outside of what’s considered ‘normal’? Can gender and sexuality really be so black and white?

Artists should prepare one or two poems for their audition and regional final legs of the challenge. The top 3 regional finalists will win a cash prize, and the top 2 regional finalists will be invited to compete at the national final competition. PLEASE NOTE: TWO poems will be required for the national finals competition.


Please note the following rules:

The poem/s entered may be in any official languages of South Africa (a written translation will be required for those poems in languages other than English).

Each participant may enter not more than two poems.

Participants will be given a minimum of 3 minutes to perform their poem and should not exceed 5 minutes.

Participants should submit a typed copy of their poem/s with the entry form.

Poems must be original and performed by the writer.

Participants will be judged on the performance of their piece, content, creativity/originality of their over-all performance.

The content of the poem/s must be around the themes stated on the brief document.

Participants must avail themselves for all activities of the competition such as; workshops, publicity promotions, interviews and any other events relating to the Lover + Another Poetry Challenge.

The cash prizes will only be paid after the payment forms have been completed. All payments are subject to taxation through the Wits system, SARS 25% tax is mandatory.

All poems remain the property of the poets, but may be posted on the Drama for Life and other participating partners and funders websites, and may used in potential publication, researching or promotional material for this event. Acknowledgement of the poet will always be made.

The organisers reserve the right to remove a poem/s from the competition for any reason.

The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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