2014 Golden Baobab Prize


Dear Friend,

The deadline for the 2014 Golden Baobab Prizes is about two months away. We hope to read some incredible stories and see some amazing illustrations from many of you. As you prepare your story and illustration submissions to send to us, we would like to share with you some writing and illustration resources that have been written by supporters of Golden Baobab and others we think might also be useful to you.
So here you go, please find below:
Golden Baobab Resources: http://www.goldenbaobab.org/prizes/resources
Writing tips for picture books:http://www.leeandlow.com/p/20tips.mhtml
Writing tips for early chapter books:http://www.creativejuicesbooks.com/ideas-for-writing-a-book.html
General writing tips:http://www.patmora.com/tips/

This year, Golden Baobab will award 6 prizes worth $20,000. These 6 prizes are:

  • The $5,000 Golden Baobab Prize for Picture Book
  • The $5,000 Golden Baobab Prize for Early Chapter Book
  • The $2,500 Golden Baobab Prize for Rising Writers
  • The $5,000 Golden Baobab Prize for Illustrators
  • The $2,500 Golden Baobab Prize for Rising Illustrators
  • The Golden Baobab Lifetime Achievement in Children’s Literature Award

Entry information for the 6 prizes can be found on the organization’s websitewww.goldenbaobab.org. Entrants should note that the copyright of each entry submitted to the Golden Baobab Prizes remains vested in them. However, by submitting an entry, entrants declare that they are legally entitled to do so and give Golden Baobab permission to make their entry available for exclusive worldwide royalty-free usage, reproduction and distribution. The deadline for the 2014 prizes is June 29th. Winners will be announced in November 2014.

For information on how to enter the 2014 Golden Baobab Prizes, visit Golden Baobab’s website or contact the coordinator, Nanama B. Acheampong at info@goldenbaobab.org.

Please support the Golden Baobab Prizes by:
1. Forwarding this email on to interested persons or organizations.
2. Encouraging eligible persons (i.e. African citizens of all ages) in your networks to write or illustrate and submit!
3. Printing out and putting up our catchy posters (http://www.goldenbaobab.org/images/downloads/Literature%20Prizes.jpg) and         (http://www.goldenbaobab.org/images/downloads/Illustration%20Prizes.jpg) It should only take a minute!
4. Writing a story or creating an illustration yourself! You can find our rules and regulations here – http://www.goldenbaobab.org/prizes/rules-regulations

Nanama B. Acheampong
Coordinator – The Golden Baobab Prizes

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