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Badilisha Poetry X-change (, the largest online archive of African poets, invites you to submit your poetry for possible feature on our website.

Badilisha’s aim is to showcase poetry from African poets to the world, while simultaneously creating an archive of both historic and contemporary poets. Helen Moffett, Lemn Sissay, Kwame Dawes, Malika Lueen Ndlovu, Jamala Safari are just a few of the 400 poets we have archived thus far.
All poets must submit:

• Full biography (including contact details)
• Links
• High res portrait
• 3 poems (mp3 files) with accompanying text


Submission guidelines:

• The poem and the vocal delivery must both be of a high standard.
• The poetry must be submitted as a high-quality recording (MP3 Files). These can be recorded as a live performance, as long as the sound quality is not compromised.
• Poetry backed by music is welcomed, but the poet’s voice and poetry content must be the core focus.
• We encourage you to make more than one submission, and if possible including entire poetry albums as this helps when selecting poems that are best suited to our programme format.
• Poetry in any language is welcomed. If your poetry is written or recited in a language other than English however, please submit a good English translation of the text or a summary (a minimum of 5 lines and maximum of 1 paragraph) on the essential meaning of the poem and any other information you feel is relevant in terms of the content style and sources of inspiration.

Please submit to or via this link:

We look forward to your submissions.

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