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A Day In August

by Palesa Mazamisa   The phone rang. Mpumi watched the numbers flash on the screen, urging her to pick up. She didn’t recognise the number, so she continued watching how with each ring the vibration inched the shuddering phone along

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The Brink of Bursting: Confessions of a Balloon Fetishist

by Ray Gary   The very particular beauty of a balloon is inseparable from its fragility. For a number of people, most of whom choose to remain anonymous, this beauty extends beyond reminisces of childhood. A Google search of ‘balloon fetish’

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The rhetoric’s of Democracy-in-transit

by Tsepo Ndhlovu   When I was just a boy, Mama told me —Democracy and education ride together— So I went to school Hoof-hoofing hoping to learn At first; they taught us Afrikaans as a subject, And that was in

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The Smell in the Armpit Theatre

 by Mphutlane wa Bofelo   the smell in the armpit theatre mix masala of assorted odors white wine on kanga grease johnson & johnson via ram n maple jalapeno sauce & Mexican chili white stains black sores colored gore amusement

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