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Africa, the UK and Ireland: Writing Politics and Knowledge Production


Finding Common Strands to Move Beyond Neocolonial and Post-Colonial Structures and Discourses, Volume 1


After over 500 years of contact between Africa, the UK and Ireland, and as Africa and her erstwhile colonial master, the UK, continues forging for a more closer constructive engagement that’s beneficial to all, we decided to do an anthology of writings (essays (both scholarly and general), fiction, mixed genres, poetry and plays) that focuses on politics and knowledge production. We believe and feel strongly that (re)imagining and (re)writing on these would help the UK, Ireland and Africa find common strands to move beyond neocolonialism and postcolonial discourses and structures into the 21st century and beyond; as mutual, respectful and beneficial partners. We are open to any writing that delves directly or indirectly with these pertinent issues, in any of the genres noted, any topic, any style…, from writers of these regions and countries. Send us your best essays, literary fictions, non-fictions, plays, poetry, mixed genres etc, in English language(s) (or English translations). Send work in only one genre of your choice!

Poetry (3 poems per poet, preferably short poems but we are still open for long poems)

Prose, plays and mixed genres (I piece per writer, of not more than 10 000 words)

Work must be sent in only one attached document, also include your contact details in this document, i.e., Postal address, Tel no, Email address and a bio note of not more than 100 words.


Please sent your entries to Tendai R. Mwanaka at

Closing date for entries is 31 March 2018

No free hard copies for contributors and no royalties but contributors will get an ecopy and also benefit immensely through publicity into both continents and worldwide.

Please adhere to submission guidelines, failure of which we won’t consider your work!!


NB: help us pass the call to your networks of writers from Africa and The UK and Ireland

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