My lost child

by Dirontso Mtwa


I lost my child
When I asked questions
About my worth
And purpose for living

I lost my child
When my calling beckoned
And I followed my heart
And lived my dream

I lost my child
When I could not provide
Neither shelter for his head
Nor a plate on his table

I lost my child
Who stopped playing
Shutting himself out
All confidence lost

I lost my child
With his disrespect
He took control
Leading me to apathy

I lost my child
In crimes beyond belief
Violating my neighbour
Without even a blink

I lost my child
When discipline failed
He took me to court
Citing parental abuse

I lost my child
When I read the paper
He hung himself in shame
I buried him in despair

I lost my child
The day he was born
For I never knew
He was never mine

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