Born from his Head

by Lionel Murcott


Once there was a hungry man.

He ate up Prestige.
He ate up Good Will.
He ate up Newsreels.
He grew so big that he
filled his whole mansion.

Then he started to ache:
his head throbbed.
Ease me, ease me.
Open my head, he called.

A man with a panga slashed
his head – and out poured
a many-armed-and-legged being
black as oil, and it was called
Debt, Penury, Chaos,
Third World Loan Status.

And the being on its many legs
ran through the land.

Mielies dried up,
trees wilted, even
the cosmos flowers faded.

Running, running . . . the thirsty child
of the hungry man.

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Myesha Jenkins – Tribute

Botsotso would like to pay homage to Myesha Jenkins, the poet and promoter of poetry who died on Saturday, 05 September 2020. Myesha was a founder member of Feelah Sistah, the all-woman poetry group that in its time made such an impact. Thereafter, she was indefatigable in organising and strengthening poetry platforms on radio and for live performance/readings. Myesha’s work was included in two Botsotso productions – the anthology Isis X and the recording Roots and Branches. Her spirit as a politically conscious, jazz-loving artist lives on and is well expressed in her seminal poem Autobiography which was included in both these projects.

Click here to read Autobiography, a poem by Myesha Jenkins.

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