Call for Submission

Dear poet

I am currently compiling an international anthology of poems the theme is courage .Poets of all walks of life are invited to submit their unpublished poems .Looking at the pressure we face every day one need grit to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation and so on .so thus I seek poems that uplift the spirit, that are egging us to rise after we had fallen, that strengthen us when we are too weak, and that keep our roots grasping hope defying to give up. Poems that give us freedom from fear, Poems that are filled with strength  to face another day ,Poems that are like a journey to freedom .Poems that make us to live with courage .All rights regarding your work shall remain with you. The anthology will be published by Mwanaka and Media Publishers please include your bio of 100 words, font size 12 romans, poems can be sent to

Lucas Zulu is a South African poet whose work has appeared in, Carapace, New Coin, fundza, Kalahari Review, The best New African Poets 15, 16, 17, Stanzas, The Coinage Book two, Watch My Rising an Anthology of Recovery, and Africa! My Africa! Africa Ablaze! Heart of Africa, Absolutely Africa!

Please share this call with our fellow poets

Kind regards

Lucas Zulu

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