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Do it; then once you’ve done it (let the words rush out
in a whirlpool, dart in from the fringes) let the flow
of ragged cataracts straighten
into deep channels so a state of swirl



truthful fantasy:           voice        rhythm        vision
machinery of the intellect
in hand with the rolling tongue telling drama

an ancient space one to honour

as you

shape and re-shape

then love that fresh page

read the neighbour’s page

fix upon fancy

as you make your own

script/scrawl of the living

island and mainland visited in
daylight and darkness
delivering merciful judgement                   recording

you do it because you need to follow and leave
traces in the sand beside your river




The raison d’etre of a publisher is the pursuit of literary work (in all its various forms) that will engross, inspire, educate, amuse and sometimes shock – in short, work that takes the reader out of his/her limited, often narrow self into a far wider, more fascinating world inhabited by the multiplicity of human egos, our different cultural values and histories as well as our relationships with the vast network of living organisms that also inhabit this planet.

Such literary work should shine light and interrogate, even as it ventures into taboo ‘territory’. It must cross lines so as to know the diverse attitudes and inclinations of the Other, the only prohibitions being to refrain from inciting hatred, or exploiting or harming by being dishonest or sensationalistic. In this spirit, such work must have moral integrity as it goes out into the world in the guise of artistic truth. And at the same time it must find the appropriate form to contain its imagination and its ideas, must delight in original and fresh use of language and maintain consistency with respect to a finely tuned control of tone.

Now new books originate as manuscripts; so let us see yours. But when you contact us, please send an initial sample of up to five poems and two stories, or if it’s a novel, a synopsis and two to three chapters.

We will then respond on the basis of the sample(s) and see where to go.

With best wishes

The Editorial Board


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