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Composer at Large: Diary/Memoir

by John Simon   excerpt from entry Stanwell Sunday 30 March 2008 Sex under Apartheid I have to say my life at this time was wild and exciting. Johannesburg was a confident, self-assured, if highly dislocated city, with a citizenry

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‘Doctor Joseph Karekazi’ and ‘Jessica’: Two extracts from “Murambi: Book of Bones”

by Boubacar Boris Diop Jessica    I am stunned. Times like the ones we are living in will also give rise to incredible human beings. They’ve just informed me of the circumstances of the death of FélicitéNiyitageka, a Hutu from

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Damien’s Shoes

by Ret’sepile Makamane My son, Damien, makes fires that flicker throughout rainy June nights. He moves about the shores of Lake Muhazi, lighting a new fire on a new spot every night. People who travel to Kayonza come back to

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The Wrath of the Dead: Extract from The Shadow of Imana

by Veronique Tadjo The dead were paying regular visits to the living and when they were with them, they would asked why they had been killed. The town streets were filled with spirits moving around, whirling in the stifling air.

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Making a Woman

by Thabisani Ndlovu Skhumba is trying to say to Aunt Mongi, he cannot sleep at night because he loves her. Grown-ups can say stupid things like that and their eyes tell you these are useless things. Look at Skhumba’s eyes.

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Botsotso is pleased to announce that it is now hosting administration of this trust.

The function of the trust is to negotiate terms of Permission and Rights under which Alan Paton’s work may be published, translated and/or used in any other manner, such as adaptation.

The literary managers are Warren Jeremy Rourke and Kharys Ateh Laue who are contactable at

All Permissions and Rights accrue directly to the Trust.

For further information please check under the menu item.