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Three Poems by Phelelani Makhanya

The Soil A John Deere tractordrags an open trailer up the gravel road.Its pointed exhaust pipepuffing a smoke trail towards the sunset. Farm workers in the trailer,call the tractor; ‘iMamba eluhlaza’, the green Mamba.Ochre sunscreen smeared on their faces,iLala grass

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(For Gabeba Baderoon) by Phelelani Makhanya   Silence is the siren of the night Words take off in lullaby wings Breaking locks of quarantined hearts Her fluffy voice painting shrines Where butterflies marry stars Where dreams intercept Nightmares before they

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Two Poems

by Phelelani Makhanya   Outside After such a long time One finally craves for the outside To see the eyes of a dog whose bark Has torn the fabric of many nights To see the colour of the ice-cream van

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Botsotso is pleased to announce that it is now hosting administration of this trust.

The function of the trust is to negotiate terms of Permission and Rights under which Alan Paton’s work may be published, translated and/or used in any other manner, such as adaptation.

The literary managers are Warren Jeremy Rourke and Kharys Ateh Laue who are contactable at

All Permissions and Rights accrue directly to the Trust.

For further information please check under the menu item.