A Partnership Between the Botsotso Ensemble and the International Labour Research and Information Group (ILRIG)


  1. To create dramatic and educational pieces that take as their main themes the key issues and concerns facing South Africa and global society in general, with an emphasis on working class lives and experiences;
  2. To organise the broadcast/performance of these works as a means to promote online (audio) and live discussion and debate which to lead to concrete interventions;
  3. To make these works available without charge to as wide a range of media outlets (particularly community radio stations in South Africa and in other countries) and other working class organizations (civics, trade unions, youth,  student, cultural groups) for broadcast, performance and/or educational use.

This collaboration (between Botsotso and ILRIG began in 2019 with the organising of live performances in township venues for an audience of social activists of Taking Everything into Account. The play revolves around the work and experiences of the auditor-general’s office in combating waste, mismanagement and corruption in local government. With the onset of covid 19, the play was adapted for radio and is ready for broadcast on community stations.

Following the onset of the pandemic, six plays were created for radio and have been broadcast on more than 25 community radio stations across the nine provinces. These, in order of broadcast, were:

Plague in the Time of King Kapital and Queen Corona,
No Money for Jam,
To TINA or Not to TINA,
Dop, Dope and Despots,
Kill the Tender
, and
Aloota Continua.