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Denise Jack
“Soul Movement”

Soul Movement

(thoughts on a suicide)

like elephants in spekboom

our demons move

greyly, silently, unnoticed.


blind, we pass them

even when searching



their spoorsigns of destruction are revealed:

too late.


like ripples on the dark water


move mysteriously with the wind –

retreat to inscrutable impenetrable depths.


later – much later –

we see the lonely bones


out on the veld

still monuments which murmur:

“How goes it with your soul?”


the wind blows


across the plains and the water:

if not healing, at least

clearing and cleaning

Nature settles into her own…elephants roam

soothing in soul movement


Denise Jack lives in Alexandria on the Sunshine Coast of Eastern Cape; freelancing and travelling. Her interests are wide and include nature, animals, the environment and travel. She has published previously in Botsotso. Poetry is her ‘thing’.