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So you lifted me up

by Zolani Kupe.

So, you lifted me up
Dusted and dressed me
In the pinafores and
Cardigans of this world.
You made me feel
Human again
After I fell twenty floors
From above.
You turned me into
A powerful living thing
After I had been tricked
Into the dark pits and
Deep mine shafts
Of this world by those
Who call themselves
My friends and allies.
You took me by surprise
And you changed me into
A beautiful butterfly
Dancing and floating
In open spaces

You hoisted me up
From the dongas
And burrows of this life.
I was ten feet down
In the dark grave
Panicking and crying
Like a lone baby
Without a caregiver.
You took me and put me
In your comfortable lap
And you lulled me with
Such beautiful lullabies
And I felt so warm
And slowly, and slowly
I fell asleep so deeply
As if I were never to
Wake up only to fall again.