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Totem and Candidate / Sing Babylon

by Marcelle du Toit

This book contains two novellas by Marcelle du Toit that offer contrasting southern African scenarios: one set in Hillbrow, being a tale of Rastas, Jewish neurosis, jazz fiends, hallucinations and the contradictions African patriarchy creates for independent black women; the second is set in a ‘mythical’ African state in the post-liberation period when the corruption of power shows its dirty hand and forces different elements to reconsider their allegiances.


Marcelle du Toit is an academic and translator specialising in religious studies, African history, and philosophy. She has travelled widely in southern Africa and is a keen observer of the changing nature of cities.

ISBN 978620372855
Published 2013
Publisher Botsotso Publishing, South Africa
Format Paperback (dual book)