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Two Poems by Zeenit Jacobs


There were two of you,
But I adored the first…

I saw two faces,
heard two tongues,
concealed in one heart…

In two minds you were,
wrestling under cool satin sheets at witching hour
as my silhouette dances across your bedroom wall.

Dusty Hearts

lonely, tame and voiceless with
chapped and bleeding lips…

A hand reaches for the sun as she
lies bruised on the battleground…
A place where fools come to die

A star spilling over ashy fingers,
fractures like an X-Ray…
She lies in this prison,
refusing to be helped…
It is the sun she seeks, it is the delirium
that keeps her at bay…

Branded by an old flame,
hot poker on soft naked skin,
she clings to the filth under her nails