by Chloë Reid.

   Photo with Permission by Daniel Futerman.


Josh would like to be swallowed whole, but not to be alive once swallowed. Or to go in his sleep. Emma would like to be sitting in a chair, engaged in a long ebbing and flowing conversation with an old friend, or her sister, when it suddenly ends. Ben wouldn’t want to die like Steve Irwin, by stingray, not after a career spent risking his life chasing wild animals. Anja feels that the manner in which Irwin died was befitting of someone so drawn to the natural world. She feels similarly about the old woman who swam out to sea every day, well into her nineties, and was one day eaten by a shark. Daniel is afraid of drowning but would like to go out sailing and never return. Shots from a revolver are unlike those from a pistol. A revolver must be reloaded with each shot, leaving an agonising wait for the person being shot multiple times. Amos wouldn’t wish it on anyone.



Chloë Reid is an artist, writer, and curator. She has exhibited and curated locally and internationally and currently lives in Johannesburg, where she writes about art – with a focus on fictional and experimental forms. She is co-founder of ‘wherewithall,’ which publishes writing and research related to independent curatorial practices in Johannesburg, and also supports practitioners through a library of exhibition equipment.