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by Natalie Railoun


be careful
pinpoint your location
in case you want to remember
exactly where you
exactly how you

took that turn

how fast you were going
watching once loyal now stray dogs
knocked to the side of the road

exactly were you thinking
at point of impact
when your sullenness
gave to accelerate

at what time did the breeze
stop whistling
and your loud music placate

when did you stop
to pick up that drifter
who opened your door
who opened your

a space to

where you are itinerant
he is smooth and still as a pebble
a charm you can hold in your hand
against your cheek
the inside of your thigh

who murmurs –
I will be here
at the edge of this highway
if you want to collect me
but be warned
I cannot liberate or redeem

the laughter of the needy
the laughter of the loner
hangs from streetlamps
long fused……….and bent