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Eyes and Ears

by Delia Watterson


She knew not to say why,
As she watched all the watchful eyes,
two forced her to show what she tries to hide.
Ears alert because they hoped she would confide,
for her to pick a side, or for her to let them inside.
she hinted not to try, no one understands her mind.

Humility told her to say nothing.
So many eyes and ears reflected and echoed knowledge.
The eyes saw nothing but the burnt down bridges,
so busy watching, they thought they had it figured.
Giants versus midget,
not seeing the hidden matches flashing in fingers.

The eyes did not conceal.
Smiling at her like she was a Nandos meal,
eyes that saw why and ears that said serve.
The ears replying with defiance how could it be her.
The eyes looked as she left her arse uncovered to all the sniggers,
she knew the eyes would know she knew if she didn’t giggle.
They thought they could pull and pull on an old trigger.

That was when she knew she was not to be the noise,
She had two lives, and in only one did she have a voice.
She had others to think of, she was not alone in the choice.
The eyes don’t see, and the ears don’t hear too,
They believed that she was the riddling rung climber too,
All she can do is look down and say, which one of us is the real fool.