By Zahraa’ Khaki

I am made of you
Neurons connected
In the endless expanse of Divinity
Exploding, dead, and free
Wished upon and cursed
Dervishes turned parasites whirling in crazed dance of self eat around our core
Orbiting too fast, too soon
Driven like a breaking treadmill by the rush of a million minds trying to wrest control
Pushing the orb violently off its axis
Spiraling into a void of Unfeel
Light tethers blistering across every expanse of space and every breath taken in
but cut
And cut
And cut
By the shadows from our hole eyes
Sightless from the blindness of Seeing
Seeing everything
Death without the light that our siblings give off
Eons away and within us
Pestilence on a horse of desensitization

Life: (n) numbers on a graph curving sensuously
Like the body of that which you blamed
For the Fall

we Fall
Wings burning
we Fall
Halo shattering into the sky
we Fall
Crown green and unseen
we Fall
But we are not yet