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Four Love Poems for Qi Hong by Yuan Changming

Stream & Lake

All your life, you have been trying
Flowing, pouring and dissolving
Every droplet of your thick and transparent being
Into this lake
For her sake
Yet at the end it is you
Who turn yourself into the lake
Your gift is as long as your life
While she remains absent-minded
As if worshiping herself
And never becoming a stream
To merge with you

In the Grove

+++++++++++++she is a willow
gorgeous and graceful
his whispers are breeze
gentle and generous
blowing through her branches
slim and sunlight-glazed
constantly making her tremble
+++++++ like a chuckling tree

Valentine Gift


Kharma: A Mega Romance

It has taken the entire human history
For her to meet
To be together
With him, and

Sure, they will spend
All their futures alone
On an earth
Newly broken off
From this planet