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Me Myself And I

by Thembeni Gqadu


I have been told so many beautiful things about myself
I have been told that I have bedroom eyes
I have had whispers about my gorgeous legs
I had somebody compliment me on my walk which he
Called “Cat Walking”
One said “she is so fine”

I can dance with or without music
I am a good dancer with or without a partner
I believe in myself
I am a good talker and listener
I take things as they come
I create my own destiny
I am indeed fine

I have the ability to counsel those with troubles
I have a wild side, catty side that I am in love with
I can scream, Shout, and roar like a lion when having
A good time
Wild I am however cool and relaxed
I love power, ambition, dreams and I am an achiever
Above all I am a natural born dignified woman
Every drop in my life counts
No one can take me away from me

I am not just a woman I am a mother
I have two precious gifts that I would not exchange
For anything, my sons

I have been to places other than my home
I went to boarding school in Lesotho now I can speak
Sotho with pride as if it were my own language
I went to tertiary in Durban now I can speak twice
The Zulu language than I did before
I have been to Vryburg and I consider my Tswana

I have visited Mmabatho and had the pleasure of
Meeting President Mangope
I have been to Cape Town, and have learned a little
Bit of Xhosa
I have been told that I speak glib Afrikaans that
Goes without saying that my English is incredible

I am proud to be me
I am happy to be who I am
What more can Thembeni ask for

A billion dollar house?
X5 BMW? Or a Ferrari
A laptop? Or flat screen television
$500, 000 in my bank account?
There is more to life than that, happiness is the
Mother of all living species
I have happiness and everything a woman could ask for
Anything else will come in time; with patience