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Mysterious Girl

by Lisa-Marie Labercensie


Some refuse to understand my protest because of my mysteries.

There was a time when I thought people failed to show me acceptance,
but now I understand
I am the one who is supposed to accept my differences,
my own mystery.

Some ignored my heart’s language – it is up to me to teach them.
It is up to me to study my heart’s language.
Sometimes I find my mysteries lead me to wonder if I’m doing enough
but I know me and my mysteries have promised each other
to do everything for the ones we love.

If we fail for our bull’s eye
we will not give up.
I will not give up.
I am a mysterious girl.

I need no make-up.
I need no shadows to hide my scars, I am proud of them.
They show I stood up.
They show I cared.
I need no money to prove that I can walk that mile you think I can’t.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a mysterious girl.
I need not hide behind a glass of rum or a stick of smoke.
Me and my mysteries are strong enough to stand on all ground,
not hiding, not crying.
Simply waiting.