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Oh, Babe

by Antigua Koekemoer

Oh why don’t you get out of bed, babe?
Why don’t you take a nice bath?
You might feel good again
I know it’s been a while, but please, baby, give me a smile
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe then

Come on, babe, see some friends!
Listen to some music
Get out the house?
Cuppa tea?
Sure, maybe tomorrow
I’ll see

Hai! don’t listen to her!
Stay where you are
They say life happens to those who want it
But you’re safe here
You’re really only wanted between these four walls
So don’t worry about her
Naa, I’ll keep you warm
Come back to bed, come be my . . . baby

Yo, it’s been a while, my babe
You still here?
You cleaned your teeth, brushed your hair?
Open the curtains
Open a window
You’re still alive
Just open your eyes, baby!
One more minute
I swear

No, no no! Open a window?
Soon it’s a door!
Don’t listen to her
Stay on the bathroom floor
Feel the cold on your cheeks
But it’s colder out there
Now back to bed – you’ll always be my baby!
Okay, yes

Hau! Grab the walls, I’m here
Make it to the shower
You’re almost there
You don’t have to stand – just get in
Put the tap on
Feel the water
Is it warm?
Put your hands out
You feel that?
Keep it running
See how good it feels
I promise there is more of this
I promise there’s still time
Just let me show you
My dearest
I’m your baby