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Poems by Natalie Railoun

Poised Poems

they come to me when I am alone

places where another’s sound is pushed out by
the rush of wind or drone of an engine
spat away by the ocean spume
rustled out by south-easter leaves

clearing a space to make my own noise



black cat, emerald eyes
small bandy legs stride steady
even debonair
bringing me your shrew gift
a devoted rub against my ankle
a cat wink smile


Early Fortitude

just another ten minutes of the snooze button
we can lie here, imagine we are somewhere else
pretend this day will not be a monster

mornings like these bring us back to the dream
string a constellation of stars for our eyes
glowing the hope within our apprehension
showing up the heavy metal that refuses to break

happiness is…the last morning cuddle
my best and worst years spilt on your chest


En route

on a small dune the homeless coat themselves
in the first balmy breaths of a winter sun
before the tractors come to clear the storm debris
they sift through the seaweed
collect fishing hooks to sell for a meal

this slight sandy reprieve-
our divine comma for conversations with self and God
a complete full stop to close eyes
to escape the noise
to dry up the hangover
not to think about direction for a small while

tide comes in, gulls scatter
a brooding stroll to the frantic tar and morning clatter