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Poems by Thabelo Luvhimbi

Secrets of rumors

“I heard that ”

“They said this”


Secrets like roots of
ones heart
not to be seen
not to be uprooted

Rumors like music in
their ear
not so loud.
not so sure.

Secrets of rumors
Like wild fire
every eye to see the smoke.




Now im not in your
worst imagination
nor your your nightmare
and im not in a sad story
im now your acquaintance.

I have bruised your
and no mirth your mind

only you brood
until you drop your last tear,
and moor until you
drop your last tear,

Now you notice this earth
has marooned you in
the dark jungle
and have no rescuer.

Now no radiance you show
only you groan into
endless tears,
but with no absorber.

Im now the pang that visit your
sleepless nights
Im now then your



Speed of time

They can own everything
but not your speed,
You swift like
runaway train.

Your thwarts are on
the hobblers.
Your speed hold their
mistery and resolution.

Your speed specify their
raging anger ”
But your slowness keeps
them in discretion.

Your value leaves the
wise with quality,
but your manipulation
leaves the foolish resentful

The pact you made with
the creator is more disturbing
than the seasons you puzzled.