by Natasha Marrian

Truth dripped down the side of her lips
wetting the page on which she writ
opening eyes, freeing minds
A wall fell, a bridge collapsed
yet nothing stirred, the weather changed
the moon waned, yet the cold remained
It lay thick across the brow
there was nothing whole and solid now
Saliver turned to acid
burning holes, unsheathing swords
breaking moulds
the weather changed, the moon waned
yet the cold remained.
Apathy was the sweat on her brow
indifference the coils of her fingerprint
Truth turned to bile
bile they sought with glee
for the hate it spurned enticed,
welcomed, embraced.
History turned to dust at her fingertips
Ashes in time, scattering in the stillness
inhaled by deep drinking breaths
Heavy clouds drunk on its liquid
growing heavy heavy intoxicated
until it burst down to the earth
filling every space, every corner
every heart
All is consumed.
All is contaminated.
All is pure with the truth of lies
with hate, the cruel hate of love.