by Mbali Mashiya

Nowadays there are certain ‘things’ one should have
Batho haba da hore wa khomba kappa o khwela cab,
Just as long as you make it to the party on Friday night
O shebe ho nowa bo Tox, Storm, Brutal fruit …. E seng sprite

It’s normal to find a 16 year old girl rock up at party uninvited
Aitse skinny sa Guess, a floral shirt, carvella ka side bag ya Louis Vitton
Leteng, a jola motho wa taxi
So don’t get a fright,
Ungasabi . . .

Bloemstas are already used to seeing learners in uniform,
Huffing and puffing in our filthy central park
Thinking they have that spark . . .
Kore they even talk louder than bomme ba buang haholo kadi taxing
Bare blofa ke the fun they had on Friday night . . .

Mothers and fathers trying to save their kids,
But all they say is ”ke ja joy, ke ja botjha baka!”

At the end of the year they receive their reports
Otla a shapile smile seseng se kotsi . . .
Hare tla!
Repoto ere FAIL
Fail . . .