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sometimes i am just a body

by Mphutlane wa Bofelo


bold and audacious
free spirit
irrepressible voice
open express
of the right of the body
to receive and give pleasure
according to its own tastes
not society’s dictates

before Rhodes must fall
before fees must fall
you declared the walls
in the mind must fall
the walls of inhibition
the walls of prejudice
the walls of conformism

this way i break the walls
let go of the chains in the mind
come to you
free and bold
declare my fantasy
to see you and me
on top below
behind in front
all over each other
no man and no woman
just free bodies

sometimes i’m a man
sometimes i’m just
a body wanting to be sucked
rubbed worked all over
in whatever way
by any means

any body warm and strong
tender and fast
just something inside so strong
any liquid to suck
any flesh to eat
just sometimes
i am a body
a body any body
horny body