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Story Telling pt. 2: a blak fairy tale

by Chantal-Fleur Sandjon


mom has left me dad has left me
in a dark forest
between bushes branches and bears
no money no map no one grabbing my hand
& whispering:
everything will be fine baby
everything will be fine

i don’t dare to cry
no no
i don’t dare to cry
cause my cries move mountains
my cries make the earth tremble
and finally wake up the white wolves
in a lightless cave full with rage
against a little girl alone in this world
worthless powerless misled but
colourful lively & vivid as
a young cat in a bag
knowing the man
will drown her in blue seas
but won’t allow her
to access blue heaven

access denied
access denied
it hollers through the night
that inspires an oak to invent a freestyle:
101 ways for lil black girls to die in the woods/hoods
the cuckloox join in the singsong
a stray nightingale complements it
with her high-pitched tralitrala
the rabbits knock the beat
just the owl remains silent
reads some esoteric bullshit
– voluntarily –
about yoga & ying’n’yang
and sips at his yogi tea
desperately i start to hum
not realizing immediately
what populates my head
(ein männlein steht im walde…)

but damn
stop it!
i am a spurious daughter of the city
no red robot wall or fucked-up white wolf
can hold me down oh no i gotta keep on moving
yesss i am the city’s bastard
my mind accepts no limitations
my genius raised by the street’s roughness and parents’ absence
hacks every password
i get access to every wackass place
got it?

ok: i’m not mowgli moses or miss gretl
my story includes no deus-ex-machina
that’s right
but a missing mother and a missing father
and god who never forgets the forgotten
who won’t let me rotten on the countryside

i am the city’s bastard
no use for the attitude of the sun
my attitude overshadows everything
no use for orientation aids
my heart compasses me
my heart compasses me
my heart compasses me
my heart com…e on wake up
you just had some foolish nightmare
you’re home
you’re save
everything is fine baby
everything is fine