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Tribute to Sibongile Khumalo: Artistic Excellence Across Cultures

The Ending is the Beginning by Lehlohonolo Shale (For Sibongile Khumalo) We thank you Azanian Songstress For calling out its name The country of your ancestors Let it embalm our cracked lips The ending is the beginning in this land

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Two Poems by Mike Alfred

The Poet Struggles with Physics There’s this force that can make stuff out of nothing. Is this god or something else entirely? Maybe nothing is stuff in another form? A nothing-like form? It appears that the force makes a universe

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Three poems by Mike Alfred

Now I can tell you … I can tell you that our marriage was one of your great creations, a complete existence but so silent and modest, I seldom noticed. I can tell you that our marriage, such a splendid

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Mourning Poems by Mike Alfred

Legacy   Ah, there you are, choosing chutney in the sauces aisle. I look away for an instant and you are gone; Houdini of the supermarket. You were wearing that pale blue turtleneck, weren’t you? Oh, there you are again,

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