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The Living Swan

by Zahraa’ Khaki

She whirled
A demon dervish raising hell
Black White feathers a soft death knell
Crazed flight across the World Stage
12 fouettes
24, 36, 48
Diaphanous peals of clashing color-sound
Green red yellow blue orange gray brown
A kaleidoscope of melting river mountain night whispering sunrise sea

She leaves a spray of pure Art’s Blood
Gaping mouths and gagging throats
Swallowing down her fallen hope
Feathers falling crashing burning
Windows flaking ice hearts slaking
The Lake is churning

Odette? Odile?
Odileodette Odetteodile
Janus dances free

Was I passion?
Did you taste it?
The black white blood that sprayed
From my self eating glee
Did it burn
As the serpent became Yggdrasil
Ourobouros gorging forever and forever and forever?

I do not care.