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The other side of life

by Eyethu Mfazwe

The arts get ill-treated
by the logical because they
aren’t scientific enough to
be tested but can be proven

We are advised to forgive
those who wronged us
although some don’t
ask for forgiveness or don’t
see they were wrong

People hurt people without
thinking thrice and not
always intentionally
so “sorry” is the word we long
to hear that sounds comforting
but doesn’t heal the emotional wounds

It’s only with time
that we forgive and forget
as people are victimised into
abuse by manipulation’s
emotionless sociopathic
cousins called abusers
and murder envelopes
the innocent even unto their deaths

Indifference lends its arms
to wars because it couldn’t
care less about understanding
ethical, social, religious,
financial, cultural and historical differences

It rules the day and
patriarchy thinks it’s entitled
to be society’s governor
yet educate yourselves
about other people enough
to love the differences and
remember the heartless
will have their day

Introverts are often
misunderstood because
they’re “inside their heads”
and “underdog” is just a
label trying to box people who are
undermined into believing
they can’t topple the overrated
who have power

Yet life is about changing
one’s mentality and thereby
proving stereotypes wrong,
not being defined by or believing labels
and caring to understand
differences amongst people
to ensure there is no indifference

Life can be as gloomy as all
the issues inked in this poem
yet it teaches one to choose
the attitude with which to face it