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Two poems by Sanet Van Rensburg

Lunch with the Pied Piper

From across the table I examine your eyes
puffy from sleeping in the sun

you’re older than I remember
+++++++forearms crossed +++twitching like last time
you’re softer
as a melody escapes your mouth
and angst sweat pounds from my pores

I follow you revisiting alleys we have explored
and those we avoided before:
and us

molten +++I submit to your gaze
the diamond flashes when you grab my hand
our knees touch as you say:
‘It’s an unusual cut. Did you choose it together?’

mesmerized and flushed I watch you eat
talking rampantly against the tides of blood
now thrashing through my head
and as a mere conquest
quivering before you
I wonder just why
our embrace
fits so perfectly


My bangles flash for you
they shimmer
lashes long and dressed for you
and tears fall
as you savour hers

theirs +++even