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Two poems by Thokozile Madonko

Everything breaks against the mountain


Everything breaks against the mountain
The light
The wind

A small part crumbles and shifts against a shattering
The light will not be the same and it will move
And the breeze has shifted bringing a new scent.

The mountain does not stay the same
Everything breaks it
It was closer to the ocean
Did it retreat in fear of the change
The mountain made
As it broke against it?


Finding my people.
Sharing a poem
A mourning
I cry when I hear a poem read
Tears as much about the poem as
The poet

There is a longing for their pen,
Their skin
To write to sign the words and rhymes


There is a saltiness in the air
A shadow cast by rock and stone
The air dry and the lonely revelation
Of the solitary pen
That breaks against the mountain.



In an old ladies house
The smell hits
There is death here
Below these mountains
Small grapes (vine) away the real truth here
This land
Water turned to wine
Very few spared except those allowed a dop or two
To keep the weekends short and sleep

The old ones will say something
A whispering of blood on hands and feet

Unveil the mountain draw back
The curtain
Let their deaths find meaning.