by Zahraa’ Khaki


They said.
i believed.

Then I heard
Your mutilated cry
And echoed scream
Rush through a portal
From an unseen realm
Of dead embers and red smoke
and bones clinging desperately
to shreds of flesh
before the winged beasts of carrion
swooped down like armies of old
to pillage and Rape.

They said.
i believed.

Then I saw your eyes
Your ever so delicately slender
Always up tilted eyes
Grow larger and shuttered
With love for a child
Supposed to be yours but gurgling
In His wife’s womb.

You’re not hungry
You said
That first day
And the next and the next
The next
And then you filled your belly
Before reaching into your throat
ripping out Acid
Uncaring of the burn
As you poured it into the sea.

They said.
I believed.
Then that redwhite leech van
Came to take him away
and your tears
pushed ruthlessly back
burned white hot against your mind
so that you could be ‘strong’.

They said.
i believed.

Then your fingertips bled
Your nails ripped off
And your sanctum
Lay destroyed
Nuked rubble at your feet
And you scrambled
To kill more
Before her spirit
Could waft back
And remind you-
She was gone.

they said.
I believed.

Then my knees gave out
And fingers no longer my own
Picked up that slim, innocent piece of metal
So cold
So very cold
Against my white and silver latticed skin
And then with rage
And desperation wrought slashes
Reaping from a field too oft reapt
It became hot
So very hot
A blazing trail
Burning like formidable all hell
A blessed cauterizing
Of naked flesh.