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Walk Sister Walk

by L.O. Monene


When the first cock crow
You turn, turn and toss
Troubled by the plight of home affairs fires

Oh what will i feed my children!
Yet when the sun peep in the east
You sing along with the early bird while sweeping
You sing to refill joy jars that are empty

++++++++++++Who is loved?
If most black sisters
Search for solace in shoes with no laces
They stay players in lying love gowns

So walk sister walk
Though the morning melody
Of a loner bird is gone
++++++++++++Walk sister walk
Do your laundry singing to shine brighter
Than the colours on the line
++++++++++++Say sister say
Things that light up your eyes
And lift your soul
For if others do not inspire you
Inspire yourself
++++++++++++Say sister say
Enough is not more than once
For if he beat you once
Twice will be your young death
++++++++++++Yes walk sister walk
Before his pistol shoot where marksmen shoot
So there cries after nine months
But where is him who shot?

++++++++++++Walk sister walk

Away, away
Walk sister walk, walk away, walk away . . .