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You Flew the Calculus of the World

by Awogbemila Temitope Ayodeji 


Axiom i:  : where x is the a winged       world of Integrable derivatives – I,               you, two mp3 players and Mobutu *  Four of us were shadows                     of ourselves, the world breaths in                                   multiples of four.

Axiom ii: Our shadows flew into                 a trance of lost reverie –                                              yours and mine  

Because you mistakenly punched               the sun twice                                     and it un-fattened into two stars,                                                                 four of us walked to discover              our shadows sick of this unwise followership from the crack                                                                                                         of dawn.

In its wake, you tripped the light              fantastic into axiom ii                       and thudded twice, twice, Note!                                                                You are brave and kindly!


Axiom iii: Avoid Crucifixion at a cost.            Your mp3 player paused itself      when boogies couldn’t make us kerfs                                                              ,It’s your calculous body of                            humanitarian service.

Out of the blue!  In your pouch,               an android’s Mp3 player’s                               screen touched itself,


Played itself,                                                 got us unfocused in a way                                         that focused us,

It played a soul-Asylum’s track                   – runaway train                                   and got its sound sway ready to play Michael Jackson’s                            – we are the world.                                         It opinioned us to wave ourselves wrinkled                                         into the mouth of a waifish                                                  orphan,

His profile intertwined with                         advanced level poverty etched     on his forehead: “Scampered                  while vaulting back to Mongono,                  with crutches to                                 discover his missing leg, lost”

He opened his mouth, we found                you, He opened it further to                holler “help”, Plus we found Mobutu obscuring in his cry,           He opened it in details, Am lost,           Unfound flying down  his throat, Only you was  sitting                     on his tongue, yapping. You                   wore skin-made dark mask

With a bad buzz sore and a small          slice of sorrow sewn sedulously,               For lack of battle,   For we were three darker hound’s-tooth         motifs, Un-bedazzled.                             Then, the you outside heard                 the song skipping in axiom iii                 Chanting through                                  The second song, whose song sung was a sign of the world’s               calculus, am brought into being!

The world chanted you, us –                   Suited up with a waif’s mouth,                             A frail, petite waif yet                                                               to eat today, Help! The sun                is here to launch her revenge                            , the sun stays as a star.

You feed him – you’ve fed yourself.                You saved the world inside a waif

You unknotted the calculus of the world.      You flew axiom four. Where y is you,

                                             = humanitarian services.

*Mobutu: any other person that doesn’t want to be me or you.